East Idaho Landfill

Southeast Idaho Landfill

ARD COR is home to one of the finest Landfills in East Idaho.

Our Landfill is conveniently located and easily accessible. The driveways are grated and clean of debris so your vehicle is free from harm.  We are a class B Landfill conveniently located outside St. Anthony, Idaho. We accept all kinds of building materials including plastics, wood, grass clippings, tires and even concrete. We charge $15 per block (4x4x8 ft. cube) of material. We dont accept any dead animals or household garbage.

We do have additional charges for tires. We charge $4 for Car/Truck tires, $10 for Semi tires & up to $40 on Tractor tires. We are very environmentally aware and take every action necessary to leave as little of a footprint behind as possible. We always dispose of materials properly, money is not an issue when it comes to our preserving our beloved environment.

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East Idaho Landfill

The majority of the materials that get dumped in our landfill get processed and broken down into nutritious mulch and then get mixed into the soil. The materials that are not degradable get taken to other facilities throughout the US and get recycled into new products.

In addition to our Landfill we also have a full service Recycling center. If you bring us material that can be recycled then you will get paid top dollar for it as opposed to just dumping it. We are your one stop shop for any recycling and dumping you may need to do in the future.