Southeast Idaho Recycling

Ard Cor Recycling Center

The best Recycling in town is at Ard Cor Recycling. Servicing all of southeast Idaho in one convenient location.

We are a family owned local business that takes pride in what we do. We provide honest small town service &  are able to pay our customers top dollar for their recyclable materials because we have very low overhead. For your convenience we also offer over the phone quotes that we promise never to go back on.

We don’t nickel and dime our customers or take big deductions because we are focused on creating a long lasting relationship with every customer.

Take a look at our Recycling Guide to find out all of the different types of metals that we recycle. Stop by and find out why we are quickly becoming the leader in Southeast Idaho Recycling.

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Small Town Hospitality

We do Recycling in Southeast Idaho the sincere old fashioned way & pride ourselves in providing the amazing small town hospitality we were raised on. We get to know all of our valued customers on a first name basis & you get peace of mind knowing that you always get to deal with the business owners. Our business is our livelihood and we understand that we can’t keep growing without your help. That is why we focus on building a long lasting business relationship where both sides benefit & are always happy.

Did You Know?

We also offer a full range of demolition services that include on-site haul off of any recyclable materials that may accumulate. We provide the containers for you to pile all of the garbage, recyclables, and other materials that are left. All you have to do is give us a call when your done and we will pick up the container(s) and compensate you for all the recyclable materials. It doesn’t get easier then that!